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Centre de Recherche en Nutrition Humaine (CRNH) de Nantes

Welcome to the CRNH Ouest web site

Welcome to the CRNH Ouest web site. The Research Center in Human Nutrition of Nantes is a Public Interest Group (GIP). It regroups research units, with themes of nutrition research, based in Nantes and Angers. Currently over 50 full-time equivalent researchers are working in synergy on topics focusing on the genetic neonatal fingerprint and cardio-metabolic risk, enteric or central nervous system, and nutritional pathologies, food allergies, food lipids and chronic pathologies. Just over 250 publications were produced by teams in top international journals in recent years. These works relies on infrastructure provided by the INRA, INSERM, ONIRIS, University research units who house the teams but also specific research platforms in particular mass spectrometry and clinical research on healthy volunteers or patients. The CRNH Ouest offers many modern tools of nutrition research from cellular or animal models of small and large sizes (mice, rats, dogs, pigs ...) and including the latest OMICS approaches (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, lipidomics, metabolomics ...) as well as the possibility of human explorations for physiological or clinical studies regarding adults and children (indirect calorimetry, measurement of metabolic flows with stable tracers, multiple digestive explorations, metabolic imaging ...). These research opportunities were made possible by research contracts ANR (French National Research Agency) or European teams, but also thanks to the parent bodies of teams, University Hospitals, local authorities, the common and region plan, and to the "Biogenouest" in Western France (The life science and environment core facility network in Western France). CRNH participates in education by welcoming numerous students of MASTER'S DEGREE nutrition and soon by being an active actor of the project MANIMAL "the world, a health" laureate of the call for projects entitled IDEFI (excellence initiatives in innovative training) part of "The French large loan, or future investment".

Michel Krempf

Director, CRNH Ouest GIP